ZTTO/Chasing Mountain Bike Telescopic Seat Pipe Controller Lifting Seat Tube Controller Black

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ZTTO Mountain Bike Seat Pipeline Controller

Non-slip grip

Smooth bearing

Maximum 11mm draw distance

Use standard shifting cable and housing

Weight: about 40g

Suitable for 22.2mm handle

Compatible with all cable-driven lifting seatposts

The maximum cable stroke is 11 mm. The horizontal position of the remote control lever can be adjusted within a total distance of 8 mm. We also have an integrated cable adjuster to make cable adjustment easier. Our remote control rods are suitable for lifting rods with different bobbin directions. For lifting rods with sleeves on the side of the rod, you only need to cut the sleeve and clamp the cable on the bolt.

You deserve a better Dropper Post remote

This is a high-quality ultra-smooth dropper column remote control lever with a sealed bearing, which can replace the left shift lever. The reason why you need this type of variable-speed remote control lever is obvious, you don't need to remove your hand from the handle. This will make your riding safer and you don't need to think twice when adjusting the joystick. There is no gap between the lever and the main body.

Easy to install, simple appearance

The installation method of the remote control lever is very simple, you don't need professional technicians to complete this work. First, loosely connect the hinge clamp to your handlebar, rotate the lifter remote control lever until the remote control body and the brake parallel lever are completed, adjust the horizontal position of the lever according to the distance between the remote control lever and the brake lever. Tighten the main bolt to 1-2Nm. Finally, fix the cable to the cable bolt and tighten it to 1-2Nm.


Approximately 8 mm adjustment for perfect placement, making it the most adjustable lever on the market.

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