Colorful Cool Mini Humidifier, USB Personal Desktop Humidifier for Car, Office Room, Bedroom,etc. Auto Shut-Off, 2 Mist Modes, Super Quiet (Pink/Black/White)

100% Praise Rate 5 Reviews
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1. Before using the humidifier, please make sure that the cotton swab is completely immersed in water to ensure that the wet cotton swab is in contact with the atomizing sheet and can emit a good mist. Please ensure correct operation, thank you!

2. Use pure water for humidifier, don't use tap water

3. Clean the atomizer regularly, because the atomizer is the key to fogging

4. Atmospheric lighting is turned on by pressing and holding the key (3-5 seconds). If you are not sure, you can consult our customer service.

330ml humidifier:

Timer shutdown: 4 hours/6 hours

Material: ABS+silicone/electronic components

Rated input: dc5.0v/1.0a

Product size: 78X78X119mm

Working current: 250-350mA

Spray volume: 30-45 MLH

Praise Rate
100% 5 Reviews
Perfect for my small office! I noticed a difference immediately. Picture for size reference, it’s small but mighty. The reservoir is large enough to last my entire 8 hrs on interval. It turns off after 6 hours but is back up and running with two quick button pushes.
Nov 23 2021
This is my second one, I use it at work. The only complaint that I have is the color, it's gray not navy. My other one is pink and that one was labeled correctly. They tend to get water on the surface that you set them on, however I put a little tissue under one side and that has solved the problem. They have a lot of power and they have really helped my dry eye.
Nov 24 2021
It's a great little humidifier! The lights are fun and it does what it's supposed to do. Very quiet! The only thing is that I wish it came with a few more filters/cotton swab, or at least the measurements of it so I could purchase more easily.
Nov 25 2021
I was looking for a desk humidifier. This humidifier perfectly meets my need. It has two lights function and two mist modes. It is easy to use, Keeping push the power button for 3 seconds to switch turn on the light function, and switch white light to colorful light. I love this colorful light function, it causes me to feel relax. I would suggest people who loves colorful light to purchase it.
Nov 26 2021
Vivimos en un clima húmedo (Asturias). No obstante, en ocasiones (por ejemplo en los días secos del invierno, o cuando nuestras niñas tienen catarro) nos resulta necesario humidificar un poco el ambiente. Tras probar múltiples humidificadores, nos hemos dado cuenta de un gran problema común a todos ellos: humidifican en exceso, algo que quizá sea apropiado en un clima seco, pero no en un clima húmedo como en el que vivimos. En este caso lo único que hacen es crear otros problemas: hongos, ropa húmeda, etc. Este humidificador tiene la potencia adecuada y el tamaño perfecto para poder ser utilizado en cualquier momento y lugar. Proporciona exactamente la humedad que necesitamos (repito: únicamente una pequeña ayuda para que el ambiente no sea excesivamente seco). Por tanto, no podemos más que recomendar este humidificador.
Oct 27 2021