Tuya WiFi temperature and humidity sensor white

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Features of Tuya WiFi temperature and humidity sensor

1. The temperature and humidity sensor can be linked with other smart devices in the home to improve indoor heating and cooling and make your home more comfortable;

2. Low advantage design to ensure long-term battery life;

3. Built-in high-precision digital sensor, can quickly and accurately find the temperature and humidity changes;

4. Download Smart Life/Tuya Smart APP on your phone and tablet, control the wifi remote control anytime and anywhere, and check the temperature and humidity date;

5. The LCD screen dynamically displays real-time values, conveys the comfortable state of the home environment, connects to the gateway and cloud platform, and the mobile phone APP can view current and historical temperature data;

Tuya WiFi temperature and humidity sensor specifications

1. Tuya Wi-Fi temperature and humidity sensor

2. APP name: Tuya Smart or Smart Life

3. Use Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant

4. Built-in battery: AAA1.5V*3 (not included in the package)

5. Quiescent current: ≤30uA

6. Low battery reminder function

7. Low power consumption and undervoltage: ≤2.7V

8. WiFi: 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz

9. Support linkage control of all Tuya smart products

11. Working temperature: -10℃~55℃

12. Working humidity: 10%~90%RH

13. Optional temperature format °C/°F

14. Adjustable temperature/humidity report period/sensitivity/range

15. The temperature/humidity high/low/release status will be synchronized to the app

16.Format time 12/24H

17. Display date/time/temperature/humidity/battery/WIFI

18. Size: 60*65*25mm

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