Tuya WiFi Smart Candle Light Alexa Voice Control RGBCW Desk Lamp RGBCW [E14 interface]

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How to connect the TUYA smart LED bulb:

1.Download the "TUYA smart" APP on your smart phone.

2. Register and sign in "TUYA smart" APP on your phone.

3. Turn on and then turn off the bulb, repeat it 4 to 6 times, making sure it's on fast flashing mode (about 5 times in 2 seconds). That's important because the network named "TUYA smart" only appears when the bulb is flashing.

4. Open the APP --- Click "+" to add device--- Click "the light is flashing" ---- choose network contain '2.4G' instead '5G' ---- enter password and enter---Click "connect" --- select "TUYA smart" network--- click "next step" wait until full connected--- click the device "light" ---Click "my device" and select it.

Note: If you don't have a 2.4G network at home, you can share a hotspot connection on your phone.


Type: Tuya WiFi Smart LED Bulb

Function: Voice Control, APP Remote Control, Dimmable, Compatible with Amazon Alexa Echo Google Home Assistant, IFTTT, Yandex Alice,

Light color: RGB + Warm white + White (2800K-6500K)

Socket Type: E14

Power: 5W 

Voltage: AC 85-265V

CRI: >85

APP Download: Smart Life / Tuya Smart

Network: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi


1. Voice Control:Easy voice control of all smart light bulbs via integration with Amazon Alexa Echo or Google Home Assistant or Yandex Alice.

2. Timing Control:Never come home to a dark house - by using light schedules on APP and be greeted with warm light.

3. Remote And Group Control:Keep connecting this wifi smart light bulb with your home network (only supports 2.4GHz Wifi), you can remotely control smart light bulb on your smartphone Simulate when you leave home. Group control function allows you to control more than one smart light bulb at the same time for scene setting.

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