4G Kids Smart Watch Waterproof w GPS Tracker,Kids Phone Smartwatch w Camera,Call,Pedometer,SOS,Touch Screen WiFi Wrist Watch Boys Girls Smartphone,3-15 Years Old Children Student Birthday Gifts(Purple)

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4g Full Netcom Children's Smart Watch SOS Mobile Watch Children's Smart Watch with SIM Card Photo Waterproof Children's Gift Suitable for IOS Android


1. Function: clear call/precise positioning/long battery life/ultra-thin body/cool to wear

2. 14.1mm ultra-thin process design, as thin as the job

The whole machine is beautiful in color and rich in texture, which always makes other children envious.

3. Two-way conversation is clear and stable

The sound is loud and can be heard in a noisy environment.

Unique antenna design, multiple calibrations to ensure stable communication

4. Voice chat, communication is more convenient

Simpler operation and clearer voice

Easy group chat, support multi-phone group chat

5. Precise positioning, real-time viewing

Accurately record every corner of the child to fully meet the positioning needs of life and emergency situations

6. Electronic fence, always protect the safety of children

Set the child's range of activities. When the child leaves the set area, the parent's mobile phone will receive an alarm prompt.

Prevent loss, prevent entry into dangerous areas, prevent getting lost

7. High performance battery, longer standby time

Customized with high aggregation

Battery, it has the characteristics of faster charging speed, higher performance and longer time

Compared with the same power, it eliminates the trouble of charging every day.

8. Fun games: Let children get happiness from games and grow in happiness.


Life waterproof

Battery capacity: 600mAh

Charging time: 2H

Display resolution: 128*128

Display size: 1.44

Radiation: lower than mobile phones, international standards, no effect on the human body

Applicable age: 3-12 years old

Positioning method: precise positioning + base station positioning


The clever design makes children have more fun, and parents can monitor their children without notice.

SOS call, remote monitoring

Voice chat

Low radiation

Eye protection color screen

LBS base station positioning, Beidou positioning (no GPS positioning)

Package Included:

1*smart watch

1*USB data cable

1*User Manual

Praise Rate
100% 6 Reviews
Wow..., that's so cool. Very affordable, I like it very much
Nov 19 2021
We purchased two of these watches for our boys for Christmas and they love them! We love them too. This level of tech at this price point is almost impossible to beat. We did a lot of research and there are not many options in the United States for 4G GPS kids smart watches.
Nov 01 2021
I bought this watch for my 8yr old son for Xmas along with a 4g SIM card so he would be able to make phone calls from it & GPS tracking through the app that I downloaded onto my phone. The SIM card does require a monthly subscription of whatever plan you choose for this watch to be able to fully function the way it is intended (plans start at $5/mo). Without the SIM & subscription, the watch is just a watch. Be sure to follow the SIM card instructions exactly. This watch is great so far & has an option to set schedules for school (so your child cannot be distracted by it), etc.
Dec 03 2021
There's so much functionality in this little thing! It has a calendar and really helps my kid stay organized - something he struggles w/having ADD, so this has been a great tool for him. He loves to count his steps on the pedometer, and especially during the quarantine, w/school being online, the feature has helped keep him excited about staying active, and taking out dog for his daily walks - that before felt like a chore. The watch is very intuitive, w/a basic smartphone structure. I was able to set it up w/all my son's contacts, schedule, wifi & bluetooth w/o even looking at the directions. It seamlessly connected to our home wifi. Set up was a breeze.
Nov 14 2021
I purchased this watch for my 9yr old son for Christmas. Set up was easy and straight forward. Please ensure that your mobile providers are 4G enabled (otherwise you won't get the full functionality of the watch).
Oct 15 2021
I am not sure how last long is the battery coz I just tried it out before I hand it to my girl for Christmas. I purchased a simcard to use w/ it. The VDO call, voice call and everything work well. It’s fine for a kids. My important purpose for purchasing this watch is GPS tracker and making a call, just in case my girl gets lost or is in emergency situation so we can reach out to her ASAP. And this GPS is great w/ an accurate location.
Sep 16 2021