Gift box electric wine corkscrew dry battery type ABS all black

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1. Long battery life, continuous opening dozens of bottles. After more than ten years of continuous technological improvement focusing on electric bottle openers, tens of millions of products have been produced.

Now, engineers have increased the accuracy of the internal structure of the bottle opener to an error range of only 1 wire, and the performance has been improved to a higher level. When fully charged, dozens of bottles of red wine can be opened continuously.

2. It is suitable for most bottle mouths on the market, no effort and no slag.

Through the upgrade and improvement of the mold, it has the compatibility of the 35mm super large outer diameter bottle mouth, which can easily deal with the opening of different wine bottles.

3. It is suitable for synthetic corks and wooden corks with a diameter of 20-24mm, and wine bottles with straight and convex mouths whose outer diameter is no more than 35mm.

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